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oldest nadi astrology centre in vaitheeswaran koil

The Nadi center in Vaitheeswaran koil was inaugurated in the year 1990 by Shiva Mani as the Chief Naadi Astrologer who was in charge of the center. He is from the famed Ganesh family. Arul Ganesh, who was an expert in many fields which included Naadi Astrology. Since the time of his great grandfather they have been practicing Naadi astrology over the last 150 years, and keeping Vaitheeswarankoil as the headquarter for Nadi Predictions.


We are oldest nadi astrology centre in vaitheeswaran koil and traditional and pure nadi astrology family in vaitheeswaran koil. We also offers online nadi-based predictions for people who live in other regions of India. Anyone who is residing outside of India are able to access the predictions via his online reading of nadis. 

By using Rishi Nadi. You are able to know the past, present and the future by studying an ancient vedic analysis of impressions made by the thumb on palm leaf.Our Guru, Sri shiva mani hails from a long-standing Nadi Astrologer family located in vaitheeswaran oil, Tamil Nadu, India. After he mastered the art of making predictions using nadi He established his own nadi astrology company 25 years prior to. Numerous movie stars, prominent businessmen and other people from a variety of industries have benefited from his deep understanding about Nadi Shastra. His prompt assistance has helped thousands people to overcome their challenges and live a fulfilling life. He is 100% satisfied with clients across India and across the world. To meet the ever-growing need for nadi Astrology clients The centre/firm is outfitted with a highly skilled team of Nadi readers and translators proficient in Hindi, English, Kanada, Telugu and Malayalam.