Online Nadi Procedure

Online Nadi Procedure
  • Nadi Astrology Online Now to make it easier for our customers, we provide our Nadi Astrology services online.
  • A lot of our clients have reported having to spend a lot of cash on hotel and travel in order to get Nadi Astrology directly.
  • In addition, a few of our customers were steered into a trap by local brokers who directed them to fake websites.
  • Print a picture of your thumb and put it one year higher than male – right hand and Left Hand – Female on a piece of white paper.
  • So, we decided to launch our online service.
  • Contact us via WhatsApp or an appointment by phone We will set the time for you to search the Nadi leaf.
  • Make a payment to pay for your Nadi prediction bundle and chapters once you have received the Nadi leaf.
  • For more information on Nadi packages and prices Click here.
  • We send your Nadi predictions via voice messages in the languages most appropriate for you.

Live Online Reading

Predictions available one on with a experienced Nadi Astrologer. You will receive your birth chart along with an audio for the Predictions.

Online Nadi Reading

Predictions will be conducted online, via audio or video call from the ease of being at at home. You will also receive an audio recording regarding the prediction to your email address.

Online Swift Reading

It is an easy way to get the predictions to our busy customers. Simply fill in the form below and you’ll be sent an audio of the prediction to your email address.