Brahma Rishi Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology in japan

Sri Brahma Rishi Koushigar has alies vishwamithrar’s sage shivavakkiya document the ancient Palm leaf writing by the Mantra manaiyat, yantra, and manaiyat carving, and classical astrological art for the past five generations. have been performing this art of astrology. Therefore, “The chola kings” granted our family as traditional Naadi Astrologer in the court of their. My grandparents have are expert in Astrological science, who lived Mr.Siva subramania om, Mr.Azhaganatham, Mr.Purusothaman, Mr.Ponnambalanaar Their way of the astrological mentor, Aasaan S.P.Gurumoorthy have been doing ancestral ways for the past 52 years.

History Of Brahma Rishi Nadi


  • The King Kousikar was involved in a row with saint Vasista Maharishi. He made the decision to become an religious rishi by doing penance. He increased his powers and led the Sri Rama Seetha marriage.
  • He also planned a wedding to the daughter of his Sagunthala to the King Dhusenthan He also renounced his arrogance and gained more power from Vasistrar.
  • In the following day, from that day onwards, he is known by the name of Bramma Rishi Viswamitrar. He received blessings from Devas.
  • Lord Siva and Parvathy demanded that he compose Gayathri Mantra, accepting the demand he wrote 36,000 Mantras Naadi Astrology for health of the people Astrology and about Knowledge and meditation. When he had completed the task successfully, of his amazing work Lord Siva gave him the blessing of being an astronomer in the sky.
  • Even now Kousika munivar alias SriBramma Rishi Viswamitrar shines as a shining star in the night sky.