Agasthiya Sukshma Nadi Jothidam

Agasthiyar nadi astyrology

Sri Agastya (also known by Agathiar, Agasthiar, Agastyar, Agasti, Agastiar) is an ancient Vedic Rishi (sage). It is thought that Sage Agastya was the key figure in spreading the Vedic religion in the southern part of India. Agastya is also regarded to be one of Seven Great Sages (Saptarishis). Sage Agasthiyar has added a lot in the Vedas of four in hinduism. These mantras were given by Sage Agasthiyar by The Brahman (Supreme Supreme Being) himself. Agastya is in fact the chief of every Siddha. He is often referred to as Kurumuni which means the short (kuru) saint (muni).

His contributions are impressive in the areas of Medicine (Siddha) as well as Astrology especially Nadi Astrology (Jyotish, Jodhidam, Josyam or Jothisyam). Maharishi Sri Agastya is known to have lived for more than 5 000 years on Earth and is immortal. He also claims the fact that one of his medicinal preparations, Boopathi Kuligai, is so potent that it can even bring dead back to the world of. Two of his followers and students included Therayar therayar and Tholkappiar. Tholkappiar is also believed to be the Guru of several other Siddhars.

Sage Sri Agasthya Is The Leader Of All Siddhas


Siddhas are simply another form of public employees in the universe and have potentialities and powers that some might consider to be supernatural, but in Hinduism the concept is very normal. The Siddhas that are the most powerful are considered to be extremely powerful, and these siddhas communicate their power by the method of Nadi Astrology. Agastya is the most powerful of every Siddha. Other important Siddhas are Bokar and Patanjali. Agasthiyar always spreads Jeeva Karunyam, which means never harming anyone – taking the care of the living creatures in this world and leading them on the pathway of Gnana or the attainment of the ultimate self-knowledge.

Agasthiya Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi Jothidam Astrology

AGASTHYA with Lord Shiva’s blessings written about the past as well as the future of human existence in Kaliyuga, which is known as Agasthiya Nadi Jothidam the detailed writings of his contain the past, present future, spiritual the panchabutha (Five elements) and health, Vedas & much more. Aside from Agasthiya Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi Jothidam Astrology, with a tremendous divine power, Sage Agastya can be communicated live by the use of Jeevanadi Astrology and is more powerful than other form of astrology in all of the globe. The Nadi readings that can perform jeevanadi readings must be extremely organized physically and mentally to perform these readings. There are only a few of Nadi Jyotish readings out in the world who practice and perform jeevanadi readings. Agasthiya Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi Jothidam Astrology texts also provide the secrets of human birth, how humans are born, the fate, the reason of human responsibilities and karma. They also discuss health and the wealth of children, education moving to foreign countries, illnesses relationships, love and marriage, relationship to the father ancestral property, job and business, profit and loss, the second marriages or next the birth place,

Authority, government job and service, journey of the spiritual moksham past birth, prior birth details, god’s blessings mantra Deeksha. Through Agasthiya Maha Siva Sukshma Nadi Jothidam Astrology one can find clarity, peace and tranquility in life, and get rid of the chaos and the sorrows of earth in this kaliyuga are due to the karma from previous births. Agastya Nadi jyotish interpretations of the nadi leaves The book that the sage AGASTYA wrote contain the the present, past and the future of humans. It is split into 14 parts, making it simple understanding and understanding and observation of predictions in relation to the current generations.