Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology in New Zealand

Nadi astrology is an ancient technology created by gods. It helps you to know your past, present, and future through the Nadi leaves. AstroVed, the effective Nadi astrology practitioners offers you a way to rewrite your present and future life with the help of three types of Nadi astrology- Shiva Sukshama Nadi, Agastya Nadi, and Thuliya Nadi. Nadi astrology is a great science that makes you understand the holy link between the present life and the karma of the past. It also can make your destiny better and solve severe life problems as well.

What are Nadi Leaves and What is Their Significance?

In ancient times, the knowledge of Nadi astrology was passed through generations only orally. But 3000 years later, the astrologers started writing the secrets on various mediums like copper plates, granite slabs, barks and leaves of trees, etc. Palm leaves were the most appropriate ones among all the mediums so we can find Nadi secrets mostly written on those. The rishis have scribed each of our life stories on these dried leaves with some unique tool or pen.

These are carefully handwritten so the leave doesn’t get torn. The writing is continuous without any space between the words making it difficult to read. Only trained Nadi astrologers with knowledge of ancient Tamil and Sanskrit languages can read those. Lamp black and turmeric get applied to the scripts to preserve those. Also, it helps in reading the leaves. The bundle of leaves denoting the same thumbprint or soul group gets tied with a cord and two wooden covers.

Importance of Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology helps you to understand the link between your previous and present life. It shows the way to transform and minimize the effects of the previous life’s karma. Rishis had not only foretold your future but also suggested remedies and corrections make you live a better life.

The remedies mainly involve offering simple things to energy vortexes. Humans are energetic beings. And resonating with some particular energy vortex will help them to get rid of the past karma and lead a correct life. These energy vortexes are Indian temples. Depending on the nature of one’s karma, the Nadi astrologers will recommend the temples. The remedies will nullify the residuals of your past karma and help you lead a good life.