Bohar Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology in New Zealand

Between between 550 and 300 BC Between 550 and 300 BC, an Tamil Shaivite Siddhar called Boganathar lived. He was Kalangi’s disciple. The place of birth was near to the Palani Hills in Vaigavur. He was taught by his mother and grandmother who both of who are acknowledged in various texts and traditions. In Bogar’s book “Bogar 7000,” Bogar himself discusses the place the origins of his family. This is also discussed in Bogar’s book Bogar 7000 that he wrote about teaching awakening while traveling across Tamil Nadu to China. Bogar is believed to have been in “nirvikalpa samadhi” underneath the sacred sanctorum of Palani Murugan slope sanctuary. Bogar was an adherent of Agastya’s teachings, and taught alchemy, meditation patterns of yantric design, Kriya yoga, and alchemy at the Kataragama shrine to Murugan. He cut a yantric geometric design onto a plate of metal and then placed it in the holy sanctum of the sanctorum of the Kataragama temple complex.

Bogar has been one of the first pilgrims to journey through India’s murugan Tiruppadai. Legends and Palani temple’s scriptures suggest that Bogar employed a method that was unique of mixing nine toxic plants (Navapashanam) to make an god of Murugan on Palani’s mountain temple. Additionally, he built an idolatry temple to Murugan in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India, at the Poombarai Kuzhanthai Velappar temple.